Chimp Beams Split 7″ Series “Chimp Beams VS DUB Nomads” CPSV-003

Chimp Beams Split 7″ Series “Chimp Beams VS DUB Nomads”
Catalog#: CPSV-003
Release: 8/10/2011    
Order from Concent Productions  Online
If you live in NY area, you can get a copy from MeMe Antenna in Williamsburg Brooklyn.

 A Side: Chimp Beams – Behind The Moon
B Side: DUB Nomads – Forgotten DUB (Ticklah Remix)

A Side: Behind The Moon
Composed, produced & performed by Chimp Beams
Executive Producer: Marihito “MARI” Ayabe
Mixed & Mastered by Hideyuki Waki (ConcentNY)

Concent Publishing (BMI), Go Water Music (BMI) & Mt. Books Music (BMI)

B Side: Forgotten DUB (Ticklah Remix)
All songs written & Produced by DUB Nomads
Remixed by Victor Axelrod aka Ticklah

DUB Nomads are:
Yoshio “Tony” Kobayashi: Drums
Yusuke Yamamoto: Fender Rhodes, Organ, Flute, Melodica and Electronics
Jermy Wilms: Bass
Marihito Ayabe: Dub Mix, Voice & Sampler
Takuya Nakamura: Trumpet, Voice & Whistle

Recorded in Brooklyn
Recorded by Jermy Wilms
Mastered By Hideyuki Waki (ConcentNY)

DUB Nomads:
Concent Productions, Inc:

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