Chimp Beams
chimp beams

Chimp Beams are an electronic dub trio formed in 2001 by 3 Japanese men, Marihito, K-Go Mizutani and Yusuke Yamamoto who all live in Brooklyn, NY. Their concept is chill out dance music using break beats, vibraphones, guitar and many other live instruments played on top. Having been influenced by Massive Attack and My Bloody Valentine, they mix dub, jazz, rock, techno, rare groove, soul, funk and ethnic music by their own interpretation. Their sound is very hypnotic and psychedelic. The 3 members bring together disparate backgrounds to create a unique Chimp Beams sound.

Improvisation is a key element to the live show, as the Chimps twist the songs little more freely, adding some aggressive edge. The debut album “Vibrato” was released from Concent in 2004~2005. The media and club music giants such as Audio Active and Force of Nature in Japan praised it. The first single, “Calm” was a minor hit in club scene and released on a few compilation CD’s. Chimp Beams have released two full-length CD’s, one 7″ Single, three EP & one Vinyl LP.

Member’s Profile:
MARIHITO | President of the Concent Productions, a track maker of Chimp Beams, and a dub mixer of Dub Nomads. He has done many remixes for other artists and has released a mix CD as a DJ Marihito.

K-GO MIZUTANI | Guitarist for Chimp Beams and the electronic dance rock band Lution, which just released a CD “Simpletalk”. He has done many songs and jingles as a composer.

YUSUKE YAMAMOTO | A Multi-instrumentalist, he plays vibraphones, flute, melodica, percussion and more for Chimp Beams. He has released a solo CD “Ape-man Talking” as channel U and plays support roles for many other artists.

Myspace: www.myspace.com/chimpbeams
Concent Productions, inc www.concentny.com

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